Monday, July 21, 2008

Im Back Bitches!

No pics or really anything interesting to report... Other than that I am home for a whole week and excited to be here! Gotta go to SB tomorrow for work and hope to be home early ish. Stray Cats are playing at the OC fair, which is crazy. Not sure if I will go though, its a $50.00 ticket. Ooh, I think my buddy at work has a cracked copy of the Spanish Rosetta stone which would be pretty sweet.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Before these flooded streets

Im back in Manzanillo, where a tropical storm has been raging for over a week now. I didn’t post over the last week as I was busy with a drinking buddy / customers after work. Before I left here Mike and I took out about 6 of the guys from Nissan and bought all of our drinks for about 70 bucks for the whole night.. Crazy. Here is a pic from last week I never linked, crazy amount of rain = flooded streets.

And here is a warning to us all.. WTF does this mean?

Anway, had a fun but average 4th of July. Got to see Wendar, Roman, and Duncan which was sweet. And of course my hot mama Nicki. Went shopping and spent $500 before discount at the Fossil clothing store. Picture tees ftw. I had a super early flight Sunday morning ( 5:55am) back to Manzanillo (MS Word autocorrect for Manzanillo is manhandle. Nice.) via Continental airlines, instead of Mexicana. Much better for me, plus I got first class upgrade on the flight to Houston.

It rained for the last 16 hours that I have been here, and doesn’t look like it is letting up. Here is a link for the weather channel. I feel sorry for the tourists that are actually here for vacation. The gym trainer gave me a nasty look this morning and asked where I have been. Better hit the gym tonight before I start drinking with all the guys flying in for this week. I’ve actually dropped a pant size or two and am getting a little bit cut again. Keep it up ol slagito!

My old boss (who is the new Project Management Director), the President of our Mexican representative, and another Project Management guy are here this week. The good news is I will not have to expense anything as the big guys will fight over the bill every night. The bad news is that I basically will be on the clock from dusk till dawn. These old guys love to drink and talk work all night. Wish me and my liver some luck.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Manzanillo Trip Day IV: A New Hope?

What I’m reading – The lunch menu in Spanish. It has little pictures though.

What I’m drinking – Rum and Coke, an Aquamarine (Check the linky.. I think its something like Vodka, blue curacao, mint liquer and sugar), and a Fernando special, which was nasty. Back to Vodka sodas.

What I’m playing – I got my huntard up to 33! Woot!

Hungover, slept through my snooze alarm, no coffee, no breakfast. That sums up 7:45 -> 1:15. More BS’ing in the lobby for a few hours and a few drinks. Got some Facebook time in though. Tonight was Spanish night or something for dinner, I had some turkey cubes in gravy and veggies. I gotta remember to make an reservation at the a la carte resturant Carioca.

The hunter is stupid easy to level with full rested. Got a kitty and killed about 30 things and dinged. Took me a while to get his quest log situated though, as I haven’t played him in months. Down in STV. Boo. Man am I wasted. I'm out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


What I’m reading – Wiring schematics for a blower start circuit… Don’t ask.

What I’m drinking – Sticking with vodka soda. It may be the end of me though.

What I’m playing – Castle fight V1.11 with Micah. It’s a Warcraft III mod that is pretty sweet.

I got this eating alone thing down to a science. I was in and out of the restaurant this morning in about 3 minutes flat. Walk in, grab three eggs and some potatoes and sit down. I was half done when the waiter brought me my OJ, and out of there before he could even get to the coffee pot. Grabbed a cup to go and put in some leche, or creepy brown milk if you prefer English.

Work was uneventful. I was so excited to only have one thing to do, and one customer to work with instead of my usual juggling act. In fact it pretty dull, and I find myself procrastinating a lot of things. Bad Slago.

My Project Manager flew in today and we met to BS and have drinks in the lobby. Good times, I was half drunk in about 20 minutes and he was tipping. Speaking of tips, its kinda weird here. If I travel in the US and can expense stuff, I can figure out my limit, tip on the credit card and write the whole thing off. Here its all free but I cant put down “30 pesos for the dude pouring stiff drinks” on my reports. I know, I know, you feel soooo sorry for me. Drank till 8 with him then grabbed dinner (and more drinks). It’s a tough life.


Sunday Continued –

15 minutes later they bump him up to first class (damn my no Spanish speaking ass! I paid almost $1300 for that flight with the fees, where is Johnny Cochran when you need him). Other than that it is uneventful to Mexico city, where I hop on a Fokker 100 aircraft! Doesn’t that name just exude confidence? Here is a pic of the safety card.

1 hour, 2 cocktails, and 3 Demon Drop sized plummets later, I land in Manzanillo. Here is the airport through the window of the plane.

Holy shit is it hot! About 30 degrees C and 300% humidity. That’s metric for hot as my balls. The hotel is sick, here’s my bathroom, patio view, and room. Sorry for the blurry pics, I am still getting used to the camera. Its bigger than my apartment. Too bad I gotta work!

Monday, Monday

What I’m reading – Any website I quick downloaded on my work laptop before the cab got there to pick me up.

What I’m drinking – Water. About 2 gallons today. Oh yeah, and vodka soda. I gotta watch my calories, cause you know, I worked out.

What I’m playing – More WOW in the lobby. Priest, rogue and pally are in the teens quagmire that is Westfall.

Wish it was Sunday! Actually today was pretty good, the test cell has A/C for one. Plus the install looks great and most of the things I checked out appear to be working. All that aside my work day went pretty well.

Back to the hotel around 6. I do a quick loop around the sprawling complex and talk Laker B Ball with a guy from LA. Blah Blah Blah, Kobe, blah blah blah. Nice guy. Then I hit the gym. It’s a decent place, bigger than most I’ve seen. It has 3 bikes, 3 treadmills, and a few ellipticals. In addition it has a good set of free weights and a full body circuit worth of single muscle group machines. The personal trainer guy (think 5ft 5 with creepy Odom veins all over) kicks me out for wearing flips instead of gym shoes. He then roid rage yells at the chick at the spa entrance that didn’t check. I walk the half mile back to my room and change shoes, complaining the whole way until I realize that a little extra exercise prolly wont hurt me too much.

That’s about it. More fish for dinner, all by my lonesome. The buffet style restaurant food is pretty darn good and has a theme every night. Today was fish I think.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

C You Next Thursday?

What I’m Reading Option$ by Fake Steve Jobs. Two words, Read It. Maybe you shouldn’t buy it, but you should at least read it. Any book that depicts a guy worth 5 billion dollars smoking hash dipped weed with Larry Ellison and lines like “Dude that lawyer is such a fucktard” is worth a few hours of you time.

What I’m drinking – I had a few Paralyzers, which is basically what they call mind erasers down here. Vodka, coffee liquer, pepsi, and milk on ice. It tastes better than it sounds, I assure you.

Where I’m staying The Barcelo Karmina Palace. Yeah that’s right, a PALACE baby! Where my Pistons at?

What I’m playing – No internet in my room, so I’m hitting the lobby bar wifi, Druid got cat form and is halfway to 21. Meow!

Sunday - June 22, 2008

Ok, back on the saddle again. I’m off on another one of my work adventures and thought I’d bring back the blog. Destination: Manzanillo Mexico. It’s a small(ish) fishing village/tuna fish packing plant/cruise ship port of call/crazy Canadian resort area. I’ve been here a few times before, but not in the end of June, and not for about a month with a weekend home. Its also super hot and humid here, but I digress. Let me take you back to the Sunday morning, about 4:30am.

I stop for gas and start to fill up. Not just fill up, $83 of sucky gas price fillup. So im standing there watching my future drain into my gas tank when two dudes roll up in a 95 Civic and walk up to me. The are still in their “club” clothes and there eyes were so bloodshot I am surprised they could see. One of them gets up some nerve and says what’s up, and can we have a dollar for gas? I guiltily look over at my $65 and counting gas bill and say sure.. I hand them the buck assuming that they are gonna buy cigerettes or something, and I watch the guy hand it to the cashier and as for 1 dollar on pump 6. 1 Dollar? Yeah, you heard it right. They drive off with their 0.215 gallons of gas to, well, not very far. All this before my tank dings full. WTF.

I get to the airport (or aeropuerto if you habla Spanish) and wait in line to check it. Turns out the travel agent messed up and booked my flight for Thursday. A hundred and fifty bucks and two more lines later I am running full speed to catch my plane. Hop on and I got no seat, some dude has the same seat assignment and they throw me to the back of the plane to “wait to see what happens”. Uh Oh.

Day 1 continued tomorrow when I can download the pics from my cell.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Slago has a button, and other tales of woe...

What I'm Drinking - King Fisher (Great beer, like a pilsner)
What I'm reading - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (5th book of the Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe series)

I am usually a calm cool individual. I carry the standard piscies traits of a long fuse... I blow up and then get over it pretty quick. But there is one thing that I need. Personal space. Now coming out to India I knew that there is a different level of space here, but I had no idea of the level. Basically imagine a classroom. 30 kids, 1 teacher, and about 200ft^2. Now put all of those people into a 20ft^2. It actually makes me claustrophobic, even though I can see over everyones heads. Everyone wants to assist with everything, which is great until they start getting in the way. And then more in the way. And then you can't breathe. Blah.

So I yelled at some guy. I didn't want to. I meant to, but I didn't want to. I just needed room to think. I immediatly felt guilty and tried to apologize, but his English was no good so he may not have understood. Am I a bad person? Should I be sensitive to their close knit culture, or should they be sensitive to mine? Anyone?

The work days are long here too, which adds to the stress. We leave the hotel at 8:30 and get home at 10 or 11 after dinner. Just enough time to send off emails and read 3 pages of a book before you fall asleep. Then I wake up in the middle of the night because my clock is so far off. At least the time goes fairly quickly since I am half asleep all day.

Tomorrow I we try to find someone to load refridgerant into the cooler system I am working on. There is a leak somewhere and I can't look for it until I put toxic gas in. Yay. More tomorrow if I am still alive...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Two-fer Tuesday...

Arrived in Mombai international yesterday and was greeted by more guards with guns.. Apperantly the rest of the world takes terrorism more seriously than us. Anyway, exchanged some cash and went out to look for my driver. He was still waiting for me (the plane was 2.5 hours late) in the 90+ degree heat with a shit eating grin on his face. Got into the car without a word and we were off for my first day adventure in India. 5 words for you, Fuckin'-cray-fuckin'-zee-fuckin' Driving! Wait a sec, lemme check that. Yes, 5 words. Oh, and did I mention the three hour drive?!?

Anywho, I snapped a few pics on the drive, not too much to see. Pune is a crazy town where there is everything from Ox carts to pedestrians to things called autoricksha's. Little three wheel jobbies that you are entirly not safe in.

Work went well today, with only a few minor hiccups. It is a weird world out there. The drive to the customer sites takes me past blue tarp villages with goats roaming the streets eating trash to some funky psuedo palace work facilty that I am not allowed to take pictures of. The people are very nice, though there is no such thing as personal space. I have two Japanese coworkers and about 15 customers that are always speaking in their native tounges around me. Jebus I miss english as a first!

Well, off to bed. This 13.5 hour time change is a bitch and I am trying my best to adjust. Prolly will just in time to come home... Here is a quote to leave you all with (which strikes pretty close to my heart right now...)

"Where all the white bitches at?"

Peace, Love, and Curry,

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