Thursday, June 26, 2008

Manzanillo Trip Day IV: A New Hope?

What I’m reading – The lunch menu in Spanish. It has little pictures though.

What I’m drinking – Rum and Coke, an Aquamarine (Check the linky.. I think its something like Vodka, blue curacao, mint liquer and sugar), and a Fernando special, which was nasty. Back to Vodka sodas.

What I’m playing – I got my huntard up to 33! Woot!

Hungover, slept through my snooze alarm, no coffee, no breakfast. That sums up 7:45 -> 1:15. More BS’ing in the lobby for a few hours and a few drinks. Got some Facebook time in though. Tonight was Spanish night or something for dinner, I had some turkey cubes in gravy and veggies. I gotta remember to make an reservation at the a la carte resturant Carioca.

The hunter is stupid easy to level with full rested. Got a kitty and killed about 30 things and dinged. Took me a while to get his quest log situated though, as I haven’t played him in months. Down in STV. Boo. Man am I wasted. I'm out.

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