Tuesday, June 24, 2008

C You Next Thursday?

What I’m Reading Option$ by Fake Steve Jobs. Two words, Read It. Maybe you shouldn’t buy it, but you should at least read it. Any book that depicts a guy worth 5 billion dollars smoking hash dipped weed with Larry Ellison and lines like “Dude that lawyer is such a fucktard” is worth a few hours of you time.

What I’m drinking – I had a few Paralyzers, which is basically what they call mind erasers down here. Vodka, coffee liquer, pepsi, and milk on ice. It tastes better than it sounds, I assure you.

Where I’m staying The Barcelo Karmina Palace. Yeah that’s right, a PALACE baby! Where my Pistons at?

What I’m playing – No internet in my room, so I’m hitting the lobby bar wifi, Druid got cat form and is halfway to 21. Meow!

Sunday - June 22, 2008

Ok, back on the saddle again. I’m off on another one of my work adventures and thought I’d bring back the blog. Destination: Manzanillo Mexico. It’s a small(ish) fishing village/tuna fish packing plant/cruise ship port of call/crazy Canadian resort area. I’ve been here a few times before, but not in the end of June, and not for about a month with a weekend home. Its also super hot and humid here, but I digress. Let me take you back to the Sunday morning, about 4:30am.

I stop for gas and start to fill up. Not just fill up, $83 of sucky gas price fillup. So im standing there watching my future drain into my gas tank when two dudes roll up in a 95 Civic and walk up to me. The are still in their “club” clothes and there eyes were so bloodshot I am surprised they could see. One of them gets up some nerve and says what’s up, and can we have a dollar for gas? I guiltily look over at my $65 and counting gas bill and say sure.. I hand them the buck assuming that they are gonna buy cigerettes or something, and I watch the guy hand it to the cashier and as for 1 dollar on pump 6. 1 Dollar? Yeah, you heard it right. They drive off with their 0.215 gallons of gas to, well, not very far. All this before my tank dings full. WTF.

I get to the airport (or aeropuerto if you habla Spanish) and wait in line to check it. Turns out the travel agent messed up and booked my flight for Thursday. A hundred and fifty bucks and two more lines later I am running full speed to catch my plane. Hop on and I got no seat, some dude has the same seat assignment and they throw me to the back of the plane to “wait to see what happens”. Uh Oh.

Day 1 continued tomorrow when I can download the pics from my cell.

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