Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday Continued –

15 minutes later they bump him up to first class (damn my no Spanish speaking ass! I paid almost $1300 for that flight with the fees, where is Johnny Cochran when you need him). Other than that it is uneventful to Mexico city, where I hop on a Fokker 100 aircraft! Doesn’t that name just exude confidence? Here is a pic of the safety card.

1 hour, 2 cocktails, and 3 Demon Drop sized plummets later, I land in Manzanillo. Here is the airport through the window of the plane.

Holy shit is it hot! About 30 degrees C and 300% humidity. That’s metric for hot as my balls. The hotel is sick, here’s my bathroom, patio view, and room. Sorry for the blurry pics, I am still getting used to the camera. Its bigger than my apartment. Too bad I gotta work!

Monday, Monday

What I’m reading – Any website I quick downloaded on my work laptop before the cab got there to pick me up.

What I’m drinking – Water. About 2 gallons today. Oh yeah, and vodka soda. I gotta watch my calories, cause you know, I worked out.

What I’m playing – More WOW in the lobby. Priest, rogue and pally are in the teens quagmire that is Westfall.

Wish it was Sunday! Actually today was pretty good, the test cell has A/C for one. Plus the install looks great and most of the things I checked out appear to be working. All that aside my work day went pretty well.

Back to the hotel around 6. I do a quick loop around the sprawling complex and talk Laker B Ball with a guy from LA. Blah Blah Blah, Kobe, blah blah blah. Nice guy. Then I hit the gym. It’s a decent place, bigger than most I’ve seen. It has 3 bikes, 3 treadmills, and a few ellipticals. In addition it has a good set of free weights and a full body circuit worth of single muscle group machines. The personal trainer guy (think 5ft 5 with creepy Odom veins all over) kicks me out for wearing flips instead of gym shoes. He then roid rage yells at the chick at the spa entrance that didn’t check. I walk the half mile back to my room and change shoes, complaining the whole way until I realize that a little extra exercise prolly wont hurt me too much.

That’s about it. More fish for dinner, all by my lonesome. The buffet style restaurant food is pretty darn good and has a theme every night. Today was fish I think.

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