Sunday, October 30, 2005

Can You Smell What the Rock Is Cookin'!

What I'm Reading - 2+2 Publishings: Small Stakes Hold'em

What I'm Driking - Sparklett's Crystal-Fresh Water (W/ Minerals added for taste!)

I'm playing a 6 person max $50NL on Poker Stars which is my first time playing at these limits. I under buy-in for $29 and quickly skyrocket t0 $50. I have a decent table image and get a bit lucky on pocket 3's, making trips on the river. These tables are sweet! Fast game, with plenty of action if you pick the right table. People in and out every few minutes. Hit a few hands on the turn playing AK suited and pretty much had a great time.

Starting of Session - $59
End of Session 79.25

NL it is then...

The next day I am back at it for another smash and grab session. Third hand I cold call a $2 raise holding K10c, flop is 7 9 J rainbow. I call a $2 continuation bet and see my Queen hit on the turn. He bets $3 and I reraise to $6. He re-raises to 9. I fugire him for trips and I am pretty sure I have him beat. No flush possibilites here and I push all in. He quickly calls and shows his pocket 9s. $65 in the pot for the winner and I see a stupid jack fall of the river. Doh.

I rebuy for another $25 and try not to tilt. He did have 10 outs after all.

I also found some cash lying around in my Neteller account and threw that into the mix. I am pretty sure that it is not winnings, but leftovers that I forgot about. But money found is money earned, so I threw it into the mix at Poker Stars.

Begining $79.25
1st Buy-in -$35
2nd Buy-in -$25
Cash Out $35
Total $54.25
Found Cash $145
New Super Total $199.25

Saturday, October 29, 2005

11th of 45

What I'm Reading - My bank statement

What I'm drinking - Crazy German Coffee

Well, as the title indicates, I finished almost in the money for this tourney. I seem to play fairly well early in tournaments, though I flounder (get it? Fish?) to make anything of it. For the last few that I have played I am able to make some moves early to get well above average, and there I sit until I get blinded out or go for a psuedo long-shot. Why is this?

I picked up Harrington on Hold 'Em, which I haven't read yet in favor of the Low Limit book that I mentioned earlier. I am having serious second thoughts about ultra low limit online, both because I have done so poorly and because I have really sucked. Maybe I'll put Harrington on my priority list. I am also going to switch to $25 max NL and play around with this some more. I have to nurse my free money back to relative health.

Starting Free Money $100
Current $59.00

Friday, October 28, 2005

Am I monkeyfish or man?

What I'm Reading - 2+2 Publishings: Small Stakes Hold 'Em

What I'm Drinking - Nothing yet...

I Went bonus whore shopping and didn't find anything too interesting. I thought that it would be easier than this. Anyway, I didn't feel like not playing, so I opened up a firepay account and put my $100 in. I actually had to put the whole hundred and change to pay for the fees. Bummer. I sat down to two .50/$1.00 Limit tables to actually play some poker. Bad idea? Maybe

Caught 99 on the button and raised it to three bets. Flop was a scary KJ8 rainboy and I checked last for a free card. A rag showed and it was checked to me. I almost bet but was afraid of the middle pair beating me. Checks around to another rag and I won the pot against some weak hands... Did I lose bets buy checking? I am not sure.

No other noteworty hands really. I bet right pre-flop but missed most flops all together. I did bet correctly against my odds though and made a few river draws that pissed some people off. I said, kinda got lucky there to be nice after having a open-ended straight draw after the flop and it hit. The idiot replied "Duh, you think so?" No, not really, I was trying to be polite.
"Tilt boy, Tilt!" I say to myself, licking the pasta sauce off my plate in triumph.

Well, nothing doing.. I'm a monkeyfish. Who knew? I do fine in person playing 2/4 holdem, but something about the attitude when I'm playing it online is all off... I guess I will have to stick with NL and try to make a run. I'd hate to end this blog quite so soon. Think of the children! Anyway, I am finishing the night with a $5, 45 person MTT. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

...And then it all falls apart...

What I'm Reading - Lost reruns on TV

What I'm Drinking - Peppermint Patty's Bitch

Well, first to the good news. I am drinking a new drink (well new to me anyway) that is a white Russian plus a splash (or more) of Rumplemintz. Pretty much the best drink I've never had, as it does taste like a peppermint patty and is mostly booze. The downside is that they are kind of expensive to make and creep up on you like a bully with a bullhorn. That is to say not very quietly and then kick the crap out of you. Anway, I like 'em.

I sit down with my cocktail and some free time ready to play some poker. I start with two tables, a fin each and some pretty slow play. I have been having fun with some freeroll MTT's recently, so I thought I would pass the time with a $5 3 table MTT. Decent pay out and more action while I clear some bonuses. I end up 10th or so which I felt decent about, so I play another, then another, then another. Pretty much wasting away $20 in 45 minutes. I also tried out some more low limit hold 'em, which also dropped my bankroll. By the time I came to my senses I actually smelled fish... and it was me! I was down $50 for the session, even after doing well with the NL and had cleared less than my target raked hands. Time to buckle down, and by that I mean eat something.

OK, back at it. I am more sober, mostly by finding the huge hole in my digital pocket and stuck to only the plan. I cleared the rest of the 1000 hands in fairly short order. I kept myself to a drink an hour which seemed to help. Cash out time. Can a brother get a drum roll?


Fine, here it is. $167 after bonus. This gives me a whopping $102 in profit! This is my target goal. I quickly withdrew it all and wasted my real money on a Sunday bender that I can't really remember. It included more drinks and wishing football didn't start at 10am. The great news? I am officially playing with other peoples money! From here on out my risk is nill (unless loading $400 of my own money to get full bonuses counts), and I am ready to start my new life as an online poker action junkie. Woo Hoo!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sloppy Seconds

OK second round, same as the first. Another Empire reload bonus 100% up to $100. I buy in and have another 10 days to clear 1000 raked hands. Well, here we go!

What I'm reading - Killer Poker Online

What I'm Drinking - Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir

Let's get started. I start out playing great poker, two tables at first and then moving on to 3 and 4. Everything is going right with my strategy... I'm playing only the strogest of hands and usually playing late position raising to whatever the pot is, usually 3-4x BB. I get few callers most of the time, and sometimes I just sweep the blinds. Whereas this would be fine in regular poker, it gives me no rake. So I started to get a crazy, showing my great hands to the folded table, and starting to bluff a bit in the button and blinds. All went well and I ended down $10 to $90 but I had a few hundred of my hands played. All said a much better start.

The next day I was still working on my book and wine (though it was a second bottle, buy one get one free... A TWO-FER!) I did even better, switching tables when I could't form a decent table image and performing some hit and runs. I was up to $110 in my account and alomost half of my requisite hands were played! Triumph! But can it last?

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