Friday, February 17, 2006

Thursday at the Commerce,

Went to the Commerce Casino in bea-u-tiful LA on Thursday to check out the WPT LA Classic. I played some $3/6 there and had a pretty good time, though I ended down about $50. We ended up as the "Drinking" side of the table, and kept trying to take money from the "Boring Old" other side. It worked out pretty well, even having one of the guys not betting his quad cowboys in respect to our cause. We bought his some drinks, and all was well in the world.

I also checked out the actual event, which was chaotic and fun all at the same time. I saw a few celebs/pros, including Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Keith Sexton (also from Full Tilt), James Woods, and a few I can never remember the names of. Then I got kicked out before I could track down Pauly and buy him a shot. Still a good time though.

Tomorrow I am off to Vegas, though with a limited gamblin' fund due to my wallet incidenet. I will play some poker somewhere though and plan on getting more chips from some of the casinos I have yet to go to. Only 15 more to complete my set!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Late Superbowl Post

What I'm Drinkin' - High Test Coffee
What I'm Reading - Woot-a-thon

Well it's been a few months since my last confession. I built my bankroll up to over $800 and went to Vegas with some friends, planning on having a good time. Here is the quick recap...

Blackjack +$40
Craps +$100
Slots +$20
Roulette -$40 (First time playing)

So i'm good. We go see Joe Rogan at the House of blues and he was a blast to watch. Waaay better than his masacre of the Man Show. He was actually quite funny! Then drinks in the exclusive Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay. Everything so good so far. Then I sit my happily drunk butt at the MB poker table for some late night 2/4. I built my buy-in up to over $250 and am talking to some people when I reach for my wallet for a buisness card. But where is it? I (and most of the table) frantically search for it but it is nowhere to be found. Soon after the dealer leaves and the floor manager says that security can't check the tapes other than the table itself.


I had over $500 cash in my wallet (my entire bankroll) and all of my credit cards. What do I do? Kamakazi shots! Lots of them. So many that when I stumbled up to my room with my last $30 in chips (I lost the rest over the last 6 hours of Donkey Drunk Punch Poker) at noon I couldn't really seem any more. My friends tell me that I jumped on them trying to get them to go to the pool, and broke one of the beds. I then got naked and cried in the corner for a bit, put a towel on and went to bed. Just in time for Superbowl kickoff. What a weekend.

My wallet was never found, and I cancelled my cards before anything was charged. At least I didn't loose my dignity, right?

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