Monday, July 21, 2008

Im Back Bitches!

No pics or really anything interesting to report... Other than that I am home for a whole week and excited to be here! Gotta go to SB tomorrow for work and hope to be home early ish. Stray Cats are playing at the OC fair, which is crazy. Not sure if I will go though, its a $50.00 ticket. Ooh, I think my buddy at work has a cracked copy of the Spanish Rosetta stone which would be pretty sweet.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Before these flooded streets

Im back in Manzanillo, where a tropical storm has been raging for over a week now. I didn’t post over the last week as I was busy with a drinking buddy / customers after work. Before I left here Mike and I took out about 6 of the guys from Nissan and bought all of our drinks for about 70 bucks for the whole night.. Crazy. Here is a pic from last week I never linked, crazy amount of rain = flooded streets.

And here is a warning to us all.. WTF does this mean?

Anway, had a fun but average 4th of July. Got to see Wendar, Roman, and Duncan which was sweet. And of course my hot mama Nicki. Went shopping and spent $500 before discount at the Fossil clothing store. Picture tees ftw. I had a super early flight Sunday morning ( 5:55am) back to Manzanillo (MS Word autocorrect for Manzanillo is manhandle. Nice.) via Continental airlines, instead of Mexicana. Much better for me, plus I got first class upgrade on the flight to Houston.

It rained for the last 16 hours that I have been here, and doesn’t look like it is letting up. Here is a link for the weather channel. I feel sorry for the tourists that are actually here for vacation. The gym trainer gave me a nasty look this morning and asked where I have been. Better hit the gym tonight before I start drinking with all the guys flying in for this week. I’ve actually dropped a pant size or two and am getting a little bit cut again. Keep it up ol slagito!

My old boss (who is the new Project Management Director), the President of our Mexican representative, and another Project Management guy are here this week. The good news is I will not have to expense anything as the big guys will fight over the bill every night. The bad news is that I basically will be on the clock from dusk till dawn. These old guys love to drink and talk work all night. Wish me and my liver some luck.

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