Monday, October 10, 2005

Sloppy Seconds

OK second round, same as the first. Another Empire reload bonus 100% up to $100. I buy in and have another 10 days to clear 1000 raked hands. Well, here we go!

What I'm reading - Killer Poker Online

What I'm Drinking - Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir

Let's get started. I start out playing great poker, two tables at first and then moving on to 3 and 4. Everything is going right with my strategy... I'm playing only the strogest of hands and usually playing late position raising to whatever the pot is, usually 3-4x BB. I get few callers most of the time, and sometimes I just sweep the blinds. Whereas this would be fine in regular poker, it gives me no rake. So I started to get a crazy, showing my great hands to the folded table, and starting to bluff a bit in the button and blinds. All went well and I ended down $10 to $90 but I had a few hundred of my hands played. All said a much better start.

The next day I was still working on my book and wine (though it was a second bottle, buy one get one free... A TWO-FER!) I did even better, switching tables when I could't form a decent table image and performing some hit and runs. I was up to $110 in my account and alomost half of my requisite hands were played! Triumph! But can it last?

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