Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mr Rebuy

What I'm Drinking - Honey Blond Ale, Heinaken

OK, time to face the results of my play...

Monday Night 35 tourney, lost AA vs 35s in the second round. It was the only hand I had played. I was the BB, raise in EP, reraise in SB, I jammed for 1400 all-in. LP folds, and SB calls with that crap. Two Spades and an Ace come on the flop. THis guy was over 5000t buy this point for all kind of BS, so I stood up and grabbed for my beer... Turn is a spade giving me the nut flush draw and 9 cards to make a boat. Needless to say I walked after I missed my 12 or so outs.

I played $20nl after that, and did better. I was up to almost $120 at one point, though all of my wins were on some fishy draws to the river. I dropped up and down all night and left my first trip to a California casino about $60 down, $35 for the shady tourney and the rest on beer and food. Did I forget to mention? No free booze! WTF Chuck? I left the casino hung over and tired at about 6:30am. Time to go to work!

Next trip to Hawaiian Gardens took place the Thursday following. My mother was flying in on a leg of a buisness trip and I got to spend the weekend with her. I thought I would start it out right by winning some cash for the weekend. I had two hours before her flight arrived so I bought in to the $40nl game, thinking it would be a relaxing game. Boy was I wrong! They give you 20 $2 chips and charge a $3 per hand rake with a full table. This hurts the slow patient players. Combine this with a tough day of work and impatients and bad things are bound to happen. I lost it on Kj vs K10. REBUY!

Next hand was AJs. Lost to AQ, REBUY! I move quickly over to a $20 seat with my tail between my legs. I was dealt rockets my first hand and finagle an all in with two callers. I got flushed down the river. I was only there for a Heineken and 2o minutes and I was out a hundred bucks... Time to cool off. I hit big at that funny "ATM" game that is so popular these days and look for a 2/4 table to hit. A 3/6 opens up, which I have never played before, so I sit down with a rack and play my worst limit game yet. I still had an hour before my mom arrived and I was down $200.

At this point I was just chasing, but I was also starting to relax supprisingly. I rebought, against my (and everyone else the tables) better judgement. 15 minutes till I had to leave and I had $18 left. Time to make a move. QJs holds up on a three way pot. Up to $50. Next hand AK gets me to $80. One more decent hand and I hit $100 again, enough to leave and not feel too bad about it. Still $200 I wish I could have back.

Total Live Bankroll - $-260

Total Online $108

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